Jandakot, Western Australia


Jandakot is one of Perth’s southern suburbs, known for its small yet busy airport. There are many commercial and industrial establishments in the area along with residential localities, too.

Panther Protective offers floor coatings to various commercial properties in and around Jandakot. Our floor safety solutions are useful for busy airports where the heavy footfalls make it essential to have a seamless and safe flooring.

map of Jandakot

Several companies in Jandakot have chosen our epoxy non-slip floor coatings to ensure the safety of their employees and customers. With Panther Protective, you can look forward to end-to-end services – from surface preparation to floor coatings, floor safety, and wall protection.

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CGG Aviation

CGG wanted a seamless and uniform flooring to do mechanical repairs on their aircrafts, the seamless floor was a massive upgrade from the old painted floor that flaking and cracking at the joints.