Perth Airport, Western Australia


Perth domestic and international airport is the fourth busiest airport in Australia. In recent times, Perth is rapidly becoming a preferred travel destination between Australia and Europe. In fact, in the coming years, Perth will be a significant world hub, like Dubai and Singapore.

Panther Protective offers commercial floor solutions in and around Perth airport. Due to a large number of footfalls, non-slip floor coatings with minimum maintenance is a must. That’s why we offer premium quality epoxy floor coatings for our clients.

map of Perth Airport

Floor safety is also an important priority at the airport. With our concrete flooring and non-slip floor coatings, travellers can move around without any hassles. Plus, airport staff and security personnel benefit with our protective floor safety solutions.

We do everything from surface preparation, floor coatings, floor safety, to wall protection. Call us at 0452 470 433 to discuss your commercial floor requirements at Perth airport.

Cummins Motors

Cummins Motors is Perths motor builders and mechanical services.

Cummins had several areas within their large factory that needed demarcation and floor protection, safety is Cummins biggest priority and they needed to mark out where was safe and where you need to be cousus. Demarcation of green walkways, yellow borders and red keep clear zones with white hashing was throughout their workshop, Epoxysafe was used, giving the floor a hard wear resistance, solid colour and non slip factor.